Five Things You Don’t Know About Popcorn

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It is common fact that the average American’s favorite snack is a bucketful of popcorn, especially while watching a movie. But most of them don’t know certain things about popcorn.

1. A bag of ordinary microwave popcorn with butter flavor contains around 23 grams of fat and salt content is between 400-700 mg.

2. The chemical used for flavoring the popcorn is diacetyl. It is proven that inhaling this chemical is responsible for many lung diseases in the workers of popcorn factory. Regardless of the lethal effects of diacetyl on the workers of microwave factories of popcorn, NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) thinks that eating popcorn with diacetyl is safe!

3. Whole grain foods are known to foil diabetes type 2. Popcorn is whole grain food. So, it is advisable to eat a lots of plain popcorn with bread, brown rice, cereals, etc. to avoid type 2 diabetes. Whole grain food is also reducing the risk of heart disease. But remember that you have to eat the plain popcorn without any toppings or excessive salt otherwise extra fat will adversely affect your health.

4. Container plays a major role in the eating quantity of popcorn. You will eat more popcorn if the container holding the popcorn is large. So, if you want to reduce your popcorn dosage then don’t buy the popcorn in the large bucket while watching the movie.

5. Popcorn is also causing many dental problems. Popcorn flakes stuck between the teeth or denture is very common. According to one estimate around 10-15 percent of patients visiting the Dentist has the problem caused by popcorn.


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