Use of Technology

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The present generation has seen the most tremendous change than ever.  Even in the last decade on one would have ever experience or thought of that after some 10-12 years even kids would be using the computers as easily as an experienced engineers.  Life hasn’t been the same ever.  Technology has come to the resuce of the man every now and then.  Who will understand its importance then the one who needs it badly.  Our’s is becoming a global village.  The physical distance might not have changed; but communicationally speaking we are not very far from each other.
But every coin has two sides, they say.  The recent bomb explosions in Hydrabad (India) has shown it.  The bombs that did not explode were attached to a cell phone.  And when the caller calls the number and the mobile phone rings, yes that’s it.  The inhumane work is complete.  There have been many more examples in India itself where there have been explosions using the cell phone.  Not only that there have been instantces of using the cell phones for pornographic MMS s. How is then the technology used ?  Internet is quite a handful when it comes to communication at low costs.  But yes, it too is used for all the dirty work whoever does it.  Here too pornography is at quite a rise.  When and how is all this going to stop.  Who is that one man we are all looking for who can create waves against all this dirt.  After all it depends on the holder of the gun to fire it at the terrorists or innocent people.
Its the soul’s call.  How should the technology be used!
The birth of a human is quite rare.  Why waste it killing and troubling people.  Technology is developed for the well being of the human.  Why detaste it ?


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