Create a card file to do list to keep organized

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People these days lead very busy lives. Their To Do lists may be very extensive, and it might be difficult for them to keep track of all responsibilities each week. Some people use a calendar or PDA to keep organized, but another method that works great is to create a card file To Do list.

Materials Needed for Card File To Do List

This card file To Do list is very easy to make.

All you need is an index card box. These are often sold in the stationary section of stores, or even in the kitchen department as they are often used to hold recipes. You also need lots of index cards. Seven colored index cards can be used for the days of the week. It is helpful to affix tabs to their tops so you can quickly go to a particular day.

Organizing the Card File To Do List

The first step in organizing your life with a To Do list card file box is creating the tabbed cards to differentiate the days. Seven colored cards should each get a tab on the top with the days of the week printed on them. Staggering the tab position will make it easier to flip through your card file To Do list.

After making the daily tabbed cards, you must figure out what tasks you want to do on which days. Start out with your daily tasks and write one task on each blank white index card.

Example: I exercise for 30 minutes every day. Therefore, I take seven index cards and write “Exercise 30 Minutes” on each one. One card goes in the space behind each daily tabbed index card.

The next step is to decide when your weekly or twice a week tasks will fall. It is wise to space them out throughout the week so no one day becomes too busy.

Example: Every week I clean the bathroom, vacuum the rugs, wash the kitchen floor, and change the bedding. Instead of scheduling them all for the same day, I will clean the bathroom on Monday, vacuum on Tuesday, wash the kitchen on Wednesday, and change the bedding on Thursday.

Using the Card File To Do List

Using the To Do List card file is very simple. At the start of each day, you flip to the section in the card file behind the tabbed card. Then, pull all the task cards out of that section. As you complete each task, you can put the card back into the file box. By the end of the day, all task cards should be completed.

Rather than spend money purchasing a technological answer for organization troubles, or using a large and confusing calendar, a card file To Do list will keep you organized. With the compact size and easy to understand tabs and items, you will get everything done with ease. Keeping organized is a big task in this busy world. You can make it easier if you create a card file To Do list.


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