Which are the best flea markets in New Jersey

This article will provide an overview of the top two flea markets in New Jersey. These flea markets are all year round venues for the public and professional vendors to sell their goods. New and used merchandise is welcome at both of these flea markets.

While there are many flea markets in New Jersey, these are the top two based on size and popularity.

Englishtown Auction and Flea Market

The Englishtown Auction is often called the Englishtown flea market by its fans. It first opened in 1929 and has been going strong ever since. After parking at one of the large free lots, or paying for a closer spot nearer to the entrance, a shopper can walk into one of five large buildings. These buildings are chock full of food sellers and vendors of all sorts of merchandise. There are hundreds of merchants that occupy the inside shops year round.

Outside on the partially paved field, shoppers will see long lines of tables and cars. Shoppers can walk between the rows, checking out the varied merchandise on the tables. There are approximately forty acres of selling space to explore.

Vendors who wish to sell at the Englishtown Auction will find the outdoor spaces, with room to park your car, a reasonable $10.00. Reserving spaces by the month will assure you a choice table. You can also rent a booth inside the building for as little as $160.00 per month.

Columbus Flea Market

The Columbus Flea Market is located in Columbus New Jersey off route 206. This market is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year. Shoppers will find many food vendors, new merchandise sellers, as well as many people selling used goods and antiques.

Like the Englishtown Auction, Columbus has both an indoor and an outdoor part. Columbus flea market also has a section with a large roof for outdoor vendors. On hot summer days, this is the place that attracts the most shoppers. Understandably, this spot under the roof is also more expensive for vendors.

Spaces outside can be rented by the day or by the month. Stalls in the long “L” shaped building are rented according to their availability.

These two flea markets are the top in the state of New Jersey. For sheer number of visitors and accommodations, they cannot be beat. Open throughout the year, you can find many regular people selling items for discount prices. There are also large number of professional sellers intent on bringing you great deal. Visiting these New Jersey flea markets is a great choice for a day out or a shopping trip.

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