Basic Guide to Email Autoresponder Usage

Most online business professionals know that checking and responding to email takes up a large percentage of their work time. However, having that all-important positive customer service necessitates that you stay in contact with vendors, customers, and interested parties. It is possible to cut down on the time it takes to handle your emails chores through the use of autoresponders.

Autoresponder Program Basics

Autoresponders are programs in your email service that allow you to send automatic reply or topic emails to people in your email list. They can be used to verify receipt of customer service inquiries, orders, or comments. They can also be scheduled to send a series of emails.

What to Use Your Autoresponder For

Using an autoresponder to send confirmation emails to your customers is a great use. This will assure the inquirer that you have received their email and that you will get back to them quickly. A popular autoresponder would thank the person for contacting you and assure them that they will get a personal response from you with twenty-four or forty-eight hours. This helps you by increasing customer service support and giving you more time to answer emails as they come in.

Autoresponders can also be used to send a series of emails to a recipient. This can help you with viral marketing methods such as the distribution of a tutorial or long report about something. You can base your entire marketing campaign off autoresponder software programs and the emails you design to be used with them.

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