2009 Dallas Cowboys preview

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In this preview of the 2009 Dallas Cowboys, I will try to tell you what to expect from “America’s Team” this NFL season. The Cowboys had two major offseason events, the release of Terrell Owens and the collapse of their practice facility.

Terrell Owens long considered a locker room cancer was cut and has joined the Buffalo Bills. Last years acquisition by trade with Detroit, Roy Williams will be the number one wide receiver in 2009. His former quarterback John Kitna was brought in the replace Brad Johnson as Tony Romo’s backup.

On May 3rd the roof collapsed on the Dallas Cowboys training facility during a rookie practice. Several people were injured in the accident including scouting assistant Rich Behm who was paralyzed.

The Dallas Cowboys 2009 season preview has no really big name rookies to talk about, you can read about their draft here. Linebacker Jason Williams was their first selection and is probably destined to go on special teams.

Last season the Dallas Cowboys finished 9-7 according to NFL.com and did not make the playoffs. Head Coach Wade Phillips is probably going to be fired if the team does win at least one postseason NFL playoff game this year. Jerry Jones loves to win and he needs to sell seats in the brand new home stadium for America’s team.

For fans of the team this 2009 Dallas Cowboy preview will be to your liking. I predict the team will go 11-5 and make the playoffs as a wildcard team. Keeping Tony Romo, Marion Barber and Felix Jones healthy will be the key. When Romo went down in 08 Brad Johnson was too old to be effective and it cost the team their playoff hopes. Kitna is a slight upgrade over Johnson as Tony Romo’s backup.

Look for Jason Witten to become a bigger part of the offense with Terrell Owens released. I am not sure that Roy Williams will be as good as T.O. was so Witten will be used more. The wildcard will be last year’s rookie Felix Jones who is a playmaker when healthy, either as a runner or receiver.

The defense will have to improve in 2009 but I expect it will. The unit played better last season when Wade Phillips took control of it. They just had a tendency to disappear in big games. But the talent is there for the defense to be in the top 12-15 in the NFL.

I think the Eagles will win the NFC East forcing Dallas to go into the playoffs as a Wild Card entry. I believe the Giants will fall off from their last two season’s performance but maybe still be a Wild Card as well.

If Tony Romo can avoid the choking he tends to do in big games, then the teams playoff drought should be over in 2009. I believe the Cowboys will win a playoff game in the first week of the 2009 playoffs, and then lose in the 2ndround.


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