Microsoft’s New Game Plan

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Thus spoke the Microsoft marketing team while unvieling the new search engine bing ( Let us briefly review the features of of this engine. Microsoft claim that Bing was born to remedy the dissatisfaction emanating from the existing users of other search engines to find a really usable tool in this segment. It supports this claim by stating that in their research they found close to 50% of queries did not satisfy the users who as a result end up either abandoing or refining their search efforts.

Bing, according to the company, is different from them as it is designed to meet the needs of current searchers by making search more easier and organized. The auto suggest feature guesses what the seeracher is trying to type. The doucment preview segment lets one hover the search results in order to see a preview of the site’s contents.

There is a best match provision which reduces the fatigue of the user by trying to provide the relevant information for their queries upfront.. Direct queries elicit direct answers. Thus, when you need a flight information, you get only that.

Qucktab and videosearch are two new improved provisions which we recommned the readers to test for themselves.  In terms of taking up the competetor Google, it is premature to make any comments. During its introduction, there was a rise in the traffic to Bing but it did not sustain. There has been a marginal imporvement in its marketshare.

But knowing well the dog-eat-dog nature of Microsoft, they are bound to give a tough and sleepless nights to Google and other smaller search engine service providers. For the present, they may not worry much as it is still in its beta version and once improvements are inroduced, then the real competition would emerge.

In the meanwhile, go ahead and enjoy your searches.


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