Find Anyone On Internet With Their Name, Place, E-mail

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Pipl is about finding facts about a person on the internet. And Pipl is amazingly accurate.

       Type in the person’s name (or even your name) and will extract every bit of information about that person from the web in seconds. In most cases, you will also get the contact details (postal address or even email address) of the person. more or less like google , but only People search

        Pipl returned an impressive number of results for my own name, including my personalized homepage, press mentions, SEC documents, MySpace page, Amazon wishlist and profile—stuff I didn’t realize or forgot was online. Put in the first and last  name, plus city, state and country of the person you’re looking for and Pipl will go to work. Pipl says its indexing bots interact with databases in the “deep web” to get more info than Google or other search engines, and from the looks of things, they’re getting it right.


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