Easy Peasy Exercise

The most effective fat burning excersice is infact running.

Cycling and Swimming come next in line.

And there all a sorta fun way to get fit right?

Well what if i told you,you could loose 3 pounds doing everyday stuff while still having fun.

Try to keep up aye?!

Ask yourself if your have the following in your home or use it often.







Clothes line?


Most of theese you would of answered to “yes”

Here are some ideas using examples above of how to loose weight doing everyday stuff.

Some might sound silly and childish but hey! if it means getting thinner i think its worth laughing at yourself.

If you have stairs in your house,

try walking up and down 100times just twice a week.

Instead of taking th car to work or school,try walking.

Never take lifts,stairs are a very good excercise.

bounce on your bed,yup be a big baby.

Jump on your trampoline if you have one

– Better cardio than running!

When your putting out the washing on the line try doing limbo! limbo! limbo!

it works wonders.

Hovering is one of my favourite.

dance around the room with the hoover,show the dirt whos boss!

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