Oklahoma City Underground

The Oklahoma City Underground is a tunnel system running beneath a 20-square-block-area in Downtown OKC, connecting 30 important buildings in the area. One of the most extensive enclosed pedestrian systems in the United States, covering three-quarters of a mile, the OKC Underground was formerly called the Oklahoma City Concourse after founder Jack Conn, a prominent banker of the time. Originally built in 1931, the tunnel was reconstructed between 1972 and 1974.

Once an integral part of life in Oklahoma City, the underground network was lined with restaurants, shops and offices. The Concourse declined in popularity as the last oil boom ended. A major renovation to the tune of $2 million was carried out from 2006 to 2007, following which it was renamed the Underground. This facelift was carried out under the direction of architect Rand Elliott who transformed the dated looks of the old tunnels into something much more presentable to the modern world, resembling a “work of art”.

As part of the new renovation, the tunnel is attractively lighted in various colors, creating a surreal and mysterious look. The walls have new colors and are lined up with an informative display of historic photographs. One of the attractions of the OKC Underground is The Invited Artists Gallery located right beneath the intersection of Robinson and Robert S. Kerr. It hosts shows by artists of Oklahoma, and the exhibitions are free. The gallery has entrances from the buildings around the intersection.

The Underground is now quite a pleasant and educative destination to visit. Visitors to the city can experience the hospitality of OKC hotels and get in touch with the city’s past with a visit to the Oklahoma City underground.

The Oklahoma City Underground is one of the most extensive enclosed pedestrian systems in the US. OKC hotels – With the combination of high value service, excellent amenities and strategic location (1.5 miles from the heart of Bricktown), Bricktown Hotel is unique among the hotels in Downtown Oklahoma City

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