How Secure is your blog?

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We all try building a good contentful blog but how good is its security? Especially WordPress users are more vulnerable to this problem via Plugins we use. We Search and use plugins for variety of purpose but are they clean? Are we able to find out the loop hole or Back doors in it?To do that sure its necessary that we have some Programming Knowledge .What if we don’t have it .So thought of sharing two tools that any one can use to Scan their Blog for Security Threats and Risks.

Blog Security Scanning Tools

blogsecurity.jpg You need to enter your site url and add Tag in your site to ensure ownership.In case of WordPress you can use plugin .


blogsecurify 2.
WP Security Scan
Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions. -passwords -file permissions -database security -version hiding -WordPress admin protection/security -removes WP Generator META tag from core code Future Releases *one-click change file/folder permissions *test for XSS vulnerabilities *intrusion detection/prevention *lock out/log incorrect login attempts *user enumeration protection *.htaccess verification *doc links


WP Security Scan

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