How to Buy an Organic Christmas Tree

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Christmas can be even greener when you buy an organic Christmas tree. Showing your family the value of recycling and ‘going green’ is more important than ever so why not add an organic Christmas tree to your eco-friendly list?

First you will need to locate a tree farm that offers organically grown Christmas trees. Make certain that these are certified organic trees. There are many resources on the internet to help you find an organic tree farm in your area. There are a few websites such as Organic Tree Resources and Eco Business Links that offer lists of organic tree farms in various states.

Once you choose your organic Christmas tree, you will want to ask for a live tree. The whole idea here is that you will be able to re-plant this tree after the Christmas holiday. Where you live determines when you will be able to re-plant your organic Christmas tree.

If you are in a cold part of the country, you will not be able to plant the tree until the ground warms up. When you purchase the tree, ask when the ideal time to re-plant is. Keep your tree watered and away from direct sources of heat. Ideally, you do not want to keep a live tree in your home for more than a few days, a week maximum.

What are the advantages of buying a live organic Christmas tree? There are many – including the fact that tree farms that grow organic trees do not use harmful pesticides. These pesticides harm tree farm workers and the environment. Not to mention the children who gather around these trees with their innocent Christmas spirit!

Opting for a real, organic tree instead of a “fake” PVC tree is a very ‘green’ choice! Fake trees contain toxic plastics that are hard to recycle once they are thrown away. Granted, you might keep this tree for many years, but at some point it will get thrown away. Never mind the fact that most trees are made overseas and NOT in the United States!

Do you need more reasons to buy a live, organic Christmas tree? You can re-plant this in your yard making for a shady spot, a wind-breaker and a fun project to do with your children! Now, THAT is a gift!


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