Preparing for Marriage

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Marriage is a huge step for a couple to take, and at times it can be quite overwhelming and scary. It doesn’t help when half of all married couples get a divorce. You may think that there is nothing to do to prepare for married life. You may also think that you are doomed to fail, no matter what. As daunting as those statistics are, there are ways to lower your risk of divorce by properly preparing for marriage.

Getting married is not a simple, quick, nor easy task. It takes a lot of thought, compromise, communication, and hard work to make a happy and healthy marriage. The first step to get you on your way to a good marriage is the initial preparations. I’m not talking about what your colors will be, what your dress will look like, and what church you will go to. I’m talking about sitting down and discussing what married life will be like. What changes will take place? What are your views on certain issues? How are your current and future finances looking? Do you want kids? Thousands of questions need to be asked and answered before you say ‘I do.’

Go visit a marriage counselor. You should see them for more than one session so that they can get a good perspective on if you are ready for marriage. You may think that you are in love and would be great together, but there are so many underlying issues that should be discussed beforehand. A marriage counselor will help you both to do that.

Meet with a financial advisor. Getting married and starting a life isn’t cheap. You should make sure that you will be able to support yourselves after you get married and years down the road. This would also be a good time to discuss who will manage the finances, if you both will work, and what your savings plans will be for retirement and emergency situations.

The next subjects that should arise are all the questions that will come up during marriage if they are not discussed now. Children, religion, jobs, goals, dreams, likes, dislikes, cleaning habits, pet peeves, jealousy issues, and so many more. There are a couple great books you can purchase and read together that will help to get these questions and their answers out in the open.

Good preparation now, will only help you in your future together. Marriage is hard work, but it can be a wonderful experience with the one you love.


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