Magical Marriages – The Magical Relationship Mirror

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What if …..There really was a magical relationship mirror that had the power to save and even transform your relationship? I would venture to say an heirloom of that magnitude would be quite a coveted and priceless treasure! Well, I hate to rain on your parade because there isn’t a mirror that will answer your questions or grant your deepest heartfelt desires. But, maybe! Just maybe, there’s something to the whole mirror concept!

We search frantically for the magical relationship of our dreams, although many of us come up a bit short of finding that hidden treasure! Why do some hit the jackpot while others land a lemon? Why do some people rejoice in their newfound prince or princess, only to discover in the years to come that the frog was merely wearing a royal disguise? Well, the answer is in the mirror!! Yes, that’s right! You see, a relationship is usually a mirror or a completion of oneself. As an example, Cindy struggled most of her life with self-esteem issues since her father was very controlling and verbally abusive. His behavior deeply affected Cindy’s self-esteem and ultimately lead to a bitter and devastating divorce. Even though Cindy didn’t show signs of low self-esteem on the surface, in many ways she believed that her father’s behavior was justified. These self-limiting beliefs became her primary patterns of thought, and the subtle energy she projected to others. One day Cindy met Bob, and it was love at first sight! Everything was absolutely perfect. In fact, it was truly uncanny how Cindy and Bob seemed to be made for each other. Bob was so kind, understanding, caring, compassionate, and such a loving person. Well, Cindy and Bob tied the knot in what seemed to be the beginning of a fairytale love affair. But, after a few years the fairytale began to fade, and the nightmare began. Cindy’s low self-esteem began to surface. She began to let her appearance slide, stopped exercising, gained a considerable amount of weight, and became depressed. Bob began to get frustrated and started verbally abusing Cindy! The relationship crisis began to escalate until finally they divorce!

So, where does the mirror come into play? Well, not only is a relationship a mirror but it’s also an equation. And, if you change one side of the equation the other will change and adapt to that change. You see, if Cindy wanted Bob to change, all she had to do was look in the mirror!!!! If she was willing to do the work required to overcome her fears and restore herself-esteem there is no question in my mind her marriage could have been save and transformed into the magical one she’s always wanted.

As a Relationship Coach, I’ve traveled all across the U.S. helping hundreds of couples save their long-term relationship or marriage. And, I have proven time and time again that when you’re willing to look in the mirror and make a few changes some pretty magical and amazing things can happen. Although most people wait to long to look in the magical relationship mirror, and moreover, they fail to seek professional guidance to find it.

Best wishes,

David Roppo
The Relationship Rehab Coach

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