Cavia Porcellus

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   Have you ever wondered what a cavia porcellus is? Well, a cavia porcellus is a scientific name for guinea pig. Although they are called guinea pigs, they are not pigs at all! They are rodents. They aren’t from Guinea either! They are from the Andes. Guinea pigs have a long history, a complex diet, and cute behaviors.

   First, a guinea pig has a long history. They were first domesticated in 5000 BC. The tribes in the Andes used them for food. Statues of guinea pigs have also been found in archaeological digs. They dated from 500 BC to 500 AD. Folk doctors also used them in healing rituals. Dutch, English, and Spanish travelers brought guinea pigs to Europe, where they quickly became popular pets.

   Second, guinea pigs have a complex diet. They need a lot of Vitamin C. That is why owners feed them many vegetables each day plus supplements to keep up their health. Guinea pigs’ teeth don’t stop growing so owners feed their guinea pigs timothy hay or alfafa hay each day. Not only does the hay keep their teeth under control, it supports their digestive system as well. Many plants are posionous to guinea pigs, They don’t just eat anything. Two things guinea pigs will die from eating are potatoes and onions.

    Third, guinea pigs have cute behaviors. Their sweet nature is what attracts many people to adopt them as pets. They are easily frightened, but will squeak in delight when they see you, knowing that you can give them yummy vegetables to eat. They also purr when they are enjoying themselves. You will hear this sound when you are petting your guinea pig. They can also rumble when they are outside and walking around enjoying the fresh grass,

    So as you can see, guinea pigs are very special and unique animals. I suggest you go get one as a pet when you want a pet. I promise you won’t regret it if you really love your guinea pig.


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