You Can Still Exercise at 50

Some people believe that you can no longer exercise at 50, that you have to succumb to the ravages of time and accept that your body is going to weaken and shrivel, and that you will have to adopt a sedentary life.  Is this true?  No!  The human body is a powerful tool that can still be very strong and active, even as it starts taking on a few years.  Not only is it still possible to exercise at 50, but proper fitness can help keep at bay many of the chronic illnesses that are associated with advancing age. This article will give you the basic guidelines to adopting a more active lifestyle.

Obviously, the first thing you will want to do is consult your doctor.  This is important for anyone who is overweight or out of shape, but it is especially important for someone of more advanced years because of special medical considerations and the higher risk of complications  Exercise at 50 isn’t quite as rigorous at first as exercise at 20.  Proceed with a doctor’s supervision to make sure you can handle it.

Easy into any new fitness plan, especially if you are very out of shape.  You will want to start with low impact cardio exercises such as swimming or biking, and then move your way up to higher intensities and more vigorous exercises.  Start at a moderate intensity, enough to work up a sweat.

Find ways of making it fun.  Part of the reason people don’t exercise at 50 is because they find it boring.  If you have a treadmill or stationary bike, work out in front of the TV.  if you have a recumbent bike, you could even read.  If you go for walks, take a portable music player with you.  The key is to find ways of making working out enjoyable.  If you resent the experience, you will not continue it for long.  Working out in a group or with friends can give you a big boost.

Be sure that you do not neglect weight training.  When you exercise at 50, it is double important to get adequate strength training.  Stronger muscles and bones will help improve mobility and keep you strong and vital much longer than you otherwise would have been.

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