5 Ways to Make Really Bad Movies More Interesting

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Really bad movies are everywhere these days.  Whether they are made for TV, direct to DVD, or even in the theatre, there seems to be no shortage of poor films that we initially believe to be a total waste of our time and money.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  If you are creative and are willing to get a little silly, you could potentially have just as good a time watching really bad movies as you would have watching good ones.  Continue reading for 10 great things you can do to make your movie watching experience more fun.

  1. Download the appropriate Rifftrax audio commentary to listen to while you watch.  While they mostly stick to more mainstream movies, they are generally very funny.  These are the same people who did Mystery Science Theatre 3000, the epitome of making really bad movies funny.
  2. Turn off the volume and make up your own dialogue as the film proceeds.  This works best when you are in a small group and each of you can take a character.  Even really bad movies can be quite a bit of fun this way.
  3. Make up your own commentary track as the movie proceeds, in the same vein as Rifftrax and MST3K.  This one works best at home when you are not potentially bothering other theatre goers who may actually be potentially interested in the movie being played.
  4. Make up an arbitrary drinking game (if you are of an appropriate age, that is) and follow it as you watch.  For example, take a drink every time there is an unnecessarily long “dramatic” close up.
  5. Just sit back and don’t take the movie or yourself too seriously.  Really bad movies come along sometimes, but that’s no reason to let it ruin your day.  Just make up a bit of popcorn and relax.  Maybe it’s not as bad as you thought.

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