Sysfader.exe Removal Instructions

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Owners of Nvidia graphics cards sometimes have problems with a background process called “sysfader.exe.” Many e-mail forums mistakenly point out that this file required by certain Nvidia products is a virus. The file may be a legitimate system files, but it can cause problems with Internet Explorer 8.

Things That You’ll Need:

Updated Drivers for your Nvidia Card (not necessarily on computers not used for gaming)

Press the control, alt and delete keys simultaneously to see if sysfader.exe is listed as a running process. Select the file name from the list of the processes and click the end process button on the bottom of the window.

Enter the Control Panel and select system. Use the device manager and find the listing for your graphics card adapter.

Select the driver tab on the window for this device when it comes up. Disable the driver.

Close the properties window, the device manager window, and the system Window. You should now be back at the control panel. If you have closed all the windows, select control panel from the start menu.

Select Add/Remove Hardware from the options in the control panel. The Add/Remove Hardware dialog box will start.

Find any programs related to the Nvidia graphics card and uninstall any Nvidia software. Close the add/remove hardware window and restart the computer.

When the operating system finishes the loading process, find a new Nvidia driver graphics driver from the company’s web site and install it. If you do not need the graphics card in the computer, you can skip this step. (This will reinstall sysfader.exe, but it should be a newer version that does not conflict with Internet Explorer 8.)


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