How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

  1. The first step to building an outdoor fire pit is to find the right spot to build one. You are going to look for a spot away from any building structure and away from overhanging trees.
  2. Next, we need to calculate how high of a fire we want to have. If we determine we want a 6 foot tall fire we need to build a six foot diameter fire pit (diameter is the measure straight across the middle of the circle).
  3. Now we need to line up the large stones in a circle with the diameter equal to the height of the fire we expect to create.
  4. Now we need to dig up the ground in the inside of the stones about 6 inches to 1 foot exposing bare ground. Now we need to pile up the wood and light the match.

Tips for making your fire pit even better:
If you want it to look fancier you can use decorative landscaping bricks
Warnings when you are making a fire pit:
-Make sure nothing is above your fire.  Watch for low hanging branches that may start on fire or roof tops that may be too close to the fire pit.  Fire does travel upward.
-Make sure it is legal to have a fire pit in your town or city. any times you need a fire permit to have a fire pit.
-Make sure it is not too dry to have a fire.  Make sure there is not a fire ban going on or it could be a major mine.

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