How to make the best out of your online life

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Nowadays with these tough financial times we are all living in more and more people are turning on their laptops in hope of earning some money online, for some it is just enough to pay the bills and rent for the month and for others in turns into a full blown career, for those who are looking to make either of the above options I have compiled a list of the best ways to make money or even a career online in no particular order.

1) Design – if you are familiar with photoshop or coreldraw then you will be pleased to know there is plenty of money out there for designer among you, there are various shop resources online that pay you to put your design on various products, it helps for you to promote and get more views aswell as a good use of keywords, the best one on the market currently is zazzle, even if your not the best designer there is lots of online tips to help you even to make a few banners or logs which could make you some good money in the long term if you practice hard enough.

2) Writer – if your an experienced write or simply just enjoy writing then there is endless ways you can put extra money in your bank account, the most popular one been a blogger, you can start your own blog, try and get some decent followers and earn money or even just try and get some blogger work, there is lots of jobs out there if your willing to put in the time and effort. Another simpler way is by paid to post, now these are forums which basically pay you to post there, if your willing to devout some good quality time and make some good discussions then this will also pay off, the key here is patience.

3) Pay – per – click. This seems to be a very popular and one of the simplest ways to make some extra money online, you will not make a living out of it but you can get help in paying of bills, be careful of the wide range of scammer sites and if you want to know the best ones simply google for advice or message myself and I will be happy to pass my knowledge on, be sure to not put any money into paid to click unless your sure its a guranteed payer, if you put some time into a few paid per click sites every month it is another easy way to make money.

I have not talked on the google adsense, facebook, twitter and the other ways to make money but they are out there, its all a matter of google, happy saving!!


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