The Radio the Oldest Form of Entertainment

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This usualy Square or Rectangular Square Box we have in our Homes, Cars and all Outdoor Vehicles are a big

part of our Lives as they give us Sound in Music, News, Entertainment or any Reason a Person Speaks. All You

need is a Microphone plugged into an Amplifier that is Connected to a Transmitter to Broadcast the Signal through

an Antenna on the Building where the Person is Speaking or a Recording already made is Played through a

Player Sends a Signal through the Air to a Radio Receiver. We have Stereo Signals that are most Popular and

have a Left & Right Channel or Side that Sounds Widely Dispersed. All forms of Audio Sound on a Record, Tape

or a Compact Disc are Recorded in Stereo for many Years. The CD is the newest type Invented to Replace the

Recorded 12 inch Black Disc which was the 1st and Recorded in Monoural Sound and Played back at a much

Higher Speed or 78 Rpm’s or Revolutuion per Minute. They were Recorded at 331/3 RPM’s and Recorded in

Stereo  for a much Truer, Richer Sound. As Offices were Rented and Audio Recording and Transmitting

Equipment was Invented it was Installed to Set up the Radio Station as they began to Transmit Music and

News. Radios were Produced and many Homes had Them as Radio was the Standard back then during the

2nd World War. Cars then got them in Am just as Houses had it and Riding the Car with the Radio on was

the Thing then FM was Invented later on and then the Seperation of One Channel to Two and Stereo was

Born. Then the 8-Track Tape of 1/2 inch and the 1/4 inch Cassette came out and Your Favorite Singer,

Band or Musician can be Purchased after it was Recorded on Tape. Records were Popular still but You were

not able to Play Music in the Car and the 8-Track & Cassette Sold Very Well. The 18 Year Old  Driver was

the Popular Customer to Buy Music to Listen in the Car as Elvis Presley and Rock-n-Roll’s Loud Sound was

Here to Stay but the Older People thought it was Offensive. So taking Your Girlfriend to the Drive-in with

the Radio playing in the Car was the Fad. Then You had the California Beach Sound of the Beach Boys and

the Beatles who led the British Invasion in the 1960’s Boosted Record Sales and Radio Play became a part

of Day Life as Billions of Albums was Purchased by the Public. Radio Stations had a Top ten List of the best

Selling Albums and the 45 RPM 2 Song Record which was much Smaller. The 45 was Popular and less

Money to Buy so Collecting them was easier than the Record. The Stereo Receiver with a Record Player

was in many Homes and the 8-Track and Cassette Player were Added later to the Stereo or Purchased

Seperately if desired. So the Radio Station was so Popular as Music Broadcast Worldwide as Radiowaves

can Travel a Great Distance and Consumers Purchased Radios to Listen to Foreign Language Broadcasts as

Shortwave Radio became Popular with some Hobbyists. Radio is also used by Federal, Local City and State

Governments in the United States and World Governments to Talk with each other back and Fourth with

each other. Also many types of Non-Government Businesses like Airlines, Taxi-cabs, Construction, Power

Electric Companies etc.. use Radios also for Communication Purposes. All Licensed and Regulated by the

Government. All Radio Stations are also Licensed and Regulated by the Government. Radio is used all over

the World and it can be Transported any where for Concerts, Sporting Events, Politcal Events and even on

the Moon which is some 225, 000 Miles away as Neil Armstrong Stepped on the Lunar Surface back in 1969.

We heard His Famous Works “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Man Kind”. All TV Signals have

an Audio Signal in Stereo Today as the Tv Receives both the Video and Audio together but it is Mixed and

we get TV with Stereo Sound or Surround Sound with more than the Two Channels being Broadcast as the

TV Blends it Together for that True Stereo Sound. We have Radio Waves in our Cell & I Phones and the

Wirless Routers in our Computers some have. They have a Transmitter and Receiver built in and the Phone

Signal goes into a Box from Your Phone and into the Phone Line to reach the Intended Recipient and Reverse

to Reach Your Phone. So if it in the Home, Car, Work Place or any where Outside the Radio and the Radio

Signal is an Important Part of Our Life for Entertainment, Communication or to keep us Informed in this

World we Live in.


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