20 things Girls should know about guys

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1. We don’t pick up on subtle hints, we don’t pick up on obvious hints. YOU HAVE TO TELL US IF YOU WANT SOMETHING!

2. We do like foreplay, but often times we have to be the ones who do it.

3. We don’t think with Mr. Happy, could it be that there aren’t only stereotypes for women!

4. Contrary to popular belief, guys focus ALL of their attention on the women during sex.

5. Yes, guys have feelings and emotions too!

6. We usually feel like we are the ones who have to initiate anything involving sex, 99% of the time.

7. Don’t forget that we have to put up with most of the rejection in bed.

8. If it itches, it’s going to get scratched….. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE

9. Women, rarely make us laugh. It’s hard having to be the entertainer in every dating situation. So next time all your girlfriends and you are laughing, our response is just courtesy.

10. We, like it when women are independent and self assured. But vulgarity and being loud, does not translate as confidence.

11.Being overdominant isn’t exactly romantic either. We know gender rules have been demolished, but challenging our ego, isn’t going to make us like you… AT ALL

12. We don’t think women can’t do everything we can. We just don’t think you SHOULD. Unless you want to do construction labor, and trade in your body for muscles, and total loss of your femininity.

13. We’re actually GLAD you can do what we can. But we aren’t attracted to it. So please, don’t call us dude, or bro. You’re not our bro, and we really really HOPE you are not our dude.

14. Damsel in distress is an obvious signal for us. But it’s usually not a good idea to make us pity you before we even know you.

15. We may not know all the intricacies of the holiest of holies, but hey, let’s not pretend like you know what your doing with a stick shift. Men have needs too!!

16. We may be immature around our friends. But telling us that they’re stupid, is like telling us that the things that make us happy are stupid to you. It’s not nice, and we don’t care if you don’t like it.

17. If you complain about our sexual performance, we probably will have an even harder time performing later. So be supportive, it’s what you expect of us!!!!

18. We also need to be comfortable before we open up. It’s not genetic that we don’t talk about emotions. You just don’t do unto us as you would have us do unto you.

19. We understand that you have hormones. Understand that so do we… TESTOSTERONE CAN MAKE US MEAN AND NOT UNDERSTANDING AS WELL, so don’t blame us for everything, you don’t want us to blame you at that time of the month!

20. We know, when you figured out we just lied. We don’t think we got away with it, we’re jsut happy when you decide to let it slide. Remember we aren’t retarded, we’re just being men


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