How to get your baby sleeping through the night

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Getting your baby sleeping through the night is something that every parent works towards, mainly because every parent needs rest; it’s not an easy job!

The problem with most baby sleeping patterns is that they are not inline with the mothers, therefore resulting in a restless night for both parties.

Your baby’s sleeping pattern can also vary from night to night as babies are not born with the ability to sleep through. 
However, your baby will soon be able to settle for longer periods but don’t expect too much too soon. 
Newborns tend to sleep for about eight hours a night, but this is not in one unbroken, long sleep.  They may sleep just one or two hours then wake, sleep again for another hour before waking and so on.

The tips below are to encourage a peaceful bedtime, but remember each child is unique and therefore, will have their own individual sleep pattern that works for them.

Suggestions to settle your baby sleeping

Decide on a bedtime routine and stick to it.  This bedtime routine could involve bathing, singing or telling a story, but what’s important is that you do the same thing every night at the same time.

Be relaxed when you put your baby to sleep.  Babies are very sensitive to stresses, especially in parents and carers, so be aware of your emotions when trying to get your baby sleeping.

When doing night feeds, don’t put on the light. 

If your baby wakes in the night, don’t give too much stimulation and talk to your baby in a soft voice.

Dark curtains or blackout blinds are a good choice in your baby’s nursery if your baby is waking early.

You might also want to try one of the many products on the market that encourage sleep, such as a musical mobil, nightlight or special teddy bear.


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