Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween Safety

With Halloween nearing, everyone wants to get through the sugar-laden holiday intact. No one wants themselves or a child injured due to some minor oversight. Unfortunately, these things do happen. Halloween night can especially be tough, as it can be hard to distinguish trick or treaters from other shadows while driving. If you live in the country, that can be doubly hard, as you just never know when a child might dart from a dark driveway. Following safety precautions will have you having a memorable Halloween for the right reasons, instead of the wrong ones. You lose out on a lot of candy if you have to make a trip to the ER.


Wear brightly colored costumes with reflectors.

Carry a flashlight.

Stay on sidewalks.

Stay with your friends or siblings. Even if they annoy you.

Do not talk to strangers.

Do not get into anyone’s car but your immediate family members.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Avoid sudden darts into traffic. The candy isn’t more important then you.

Don’t eat so much candy that you become sick. Let Mom or Dad check your candy before you eat it. Razor blades aren’t as much fun as you’d think.

Don’t abuse animals. Just because it walks across your path doesn’t mean you have to kick it.


Check all candy that your children receive.

Know the route. Be especially cautious if it’s a new area or you just moved.

Ensure that your child can see through the eyeholes of masks.

Keep any candles away from where children’s costumes might pass. Or your own for that matter. Blazing balls of screaming human is not the note you want to end the night on.

Ensure your child’s props are smooth, flexible and won’t cause an injury if they fall.

Set a time limit, or a curfew time.

Feed your child before they head out. It will help them not eat so much candy.

Get an adult or older child to walk with the younger ones. Coerce the teenagers if need be.

Set children on age appropriate craft projects. And don’t turn your back. More incidents happen in the home then out on the streets.

Ensure that anyone drinking has a way home that does not involve them driving.

You can have a safe and memorable Halloween. All you need is a dose of common sense and some safety know how. Enjoy your parties, have fun with the kids doing crafts, and be safe this Halloween. Have a happy Halloween!


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