How to Get Pregnant: Easier with good sex

Some people fear getting pregnant, and some people try hard to get that bun in the oven. For both those reasons, there is an underlying physiological mechanism in your respective female partners, that can effect her chance of getting pregnant?

you can get your woman to orgasm, she has a better chance of getting pregnant? Contrary to popular belief, it is not always that easy to get a girl pregnant. Many factors play a role that fluctuate a person’s chances to get pregnant. If your lady isn’t noticable the queen of fertility, than she’s probably not the baby-factory that single men fear like the plague. Things like menstrual cycle, emotional health, physical well being and even nutrition can play a large role in determining wether or not you are fertile. But one thing that is usually overlooked by most people is the effect that sex can have on a woman.

When a woman successfully orgasms, a hormone known as Oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is more commonly known as the birth hormone, which is released by the pituitary gland to induce contractions during labor. But the same hormone is released as an effect of the female orgam!

To be more clear, the cervix is the opening at the end of the vaginal canal that is generally tightly closed. It is therefore the barrier between the uterus and the vagina. When she orgams, the cervix will open up as a response to the hormone oxytocin. THIS MEANS THAT SPERM GETS NOW HAS A LARGER DOOR AND DOESNT NEED TO SQUEEZE THROUGH IN A SINGLE FILE LINE.

So remember, next time you go out for a one night stand, the girl who’s interested in you may more likely get pregnant. It’s a product of evolution. The more the woman likes her man, the better chance she’ll have to orgasm! THE MORE SUCCESFUL ORGASMS SHE HAS THE MORE LIKELY SHE’LL get pregnant. So her child will have the genes of the man she considers well built physically, and goodlooking.

For you married couples trying to get that baby train rolling, pay attention. If you learn to cater to eachothers needs and emotions, and promote a good honest sex life with your partners, you can help get that baby rolling along. Come on, ever hear of a “love-child”. Many accidental children come from the best sex you’ve ever had. SO TREAT HER GOOD!!!

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