Great Holiday Movies For The Family

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Here is my list of good holiday movies. This is a good time of year jingle bells, sleigh Bells ringing, are you listening…

1. Miracle on 34th Street – This movie lets you capture
a spirit for Christmas and it is priceless. Everyone should have this one in there movie collection.

2. It’s A Wonderlife Life – Nothing better than an Guardian Angel to come and rescue you. Sometimes it just takes someone to tell us that our life’s are good and we are blessed.

3. Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer – Santa will not have any problems seeing where he is going. Rudolph won’t you shine your red-nose tonight!! 

4. Frosty The Snowman – How this snowman came to life?  I just love this movie!!!

5. A Christmas Story – Here is a movie that will remind you what is important in life or around this time of year.

6.  How the Crinch Stole Christmas –  This is a good movie and it was on tv this week.  And I watched it with my teenage daughter.  We saw the remake the one with Jim Carrey.  I defintely would love to see one of the older remakes too. 

7.  A Christmas Carol – This movie is very good to watch and very entertaining.  There are a good bit of remakes on this movie as well.  I would definitely want to see the original movie.  This movie taught us about compassion.

8.  Santa Claus is Coming to Town – I just loved this movie as a young child. It’s about Kris Kringle — the man who becomes Santa Claus — and how he brings toys to children in a town that has outlawed them.

9. A Charlie Brown Christmas – Who wouldn’t love this one?  You do not hear anything too much these days about Charlie Brown and his crew.

10. The Year Without a Santa Claus – I must have forgotten all about this one.  I need to put this one on my list of movies to watch this holiday season.  Santa’s sick and he doesn’t think that kids believe in him anymore.


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