Crystal Power

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 Crystals have been used for healing and divination throughout history.  In ancient times it was believed that crystals started as ice from holy water.  God poured them out of heaven as the angels petrifed them so they would stay forever solid, providing energy and protection for mankind.

Gemstones and Crystals

 Wise men and magicians combined gemstones and metals with crystals to create what nowadays we refer to as ‘magic wands’.  King Arthur’s sword Excalibur is described as having crystals in the handle.

Crystals and Psychic Development

 Crystals can be used to help your spiritual development but you  must take care when choosing the right crystal for you.  Just because you like the colour or the quality, does not mean that, spiritually, a certain crystal will do you any good.  When choosing a crystal, you must look deep down inside yourself as you hold the crystal in your hand.  Let your inner feelings flow.  If there are a number of choices, you should feel each crystal in your left hand.  Do you feel its energy?  Relax and focus your mind on the crystal.  Close your eyes and you might see certain colours or images, you might feel the energy of the crystal.  Take your time.  Don’t be in a rush to choose just any stone.  Pick a crystal that looks and feels like the right one for you.

 Each crystal is very special and it has its own energy frequencies, however, the following are some ways in which the crystals might help you in your meditation:

 AMBER – Protects against witchcraft.  It is often used as an amulet. 

 It is linked with insight, vision and creativity and it can help provide new inspiration.

 AQUAMARINE – Helps to balance mental, physical and spiritual energies and protects against psychic attack. 

 BLOODSTONE – Good for concentration and meditation.  Gives courage and wisdom.

 CARNELIAN – Increases visualisation.  Focuses energies and increases powers of concentration.  Calms the nerves and is very healing.

 EMERALD – Brings foresight and aids the memory.  Can be used as a deep meditation focus.

 FLINT – Helps in spiritual healing and is said to strengthen bond with Indian Guides.

 GARNET – Aids clairvoyance and enhances intuition.

 JADE – Aids clairvoyance and clairaudience.  Dispels negativity and protects against disease and witchcraft.

 JASPER – Brings a sense of peace and tranquillity

 LAPIS LAZULI – Good for meditation.

 MOONSTONE – Aids prophecy and second sight.

 ONYX – Improves thought and concentration. Brings spiritual strength.

 OPAL – Wisdom.

 QUARTZ CRYSTAL – Focuses energies.  Improves memory and for those who are ready, it is said to open the door to remembering Atlantean knowledge.

 ROSE QUARTZ – Aids spiritual healing.

 SARDONYX – Protects against witchcraft and black magic.

 TIGER’S EYE – Aids insight and clairvoyance

 TOPAZ – Good for trance.  Calms emotions.

 TURQUOISE – Good for spiritual healing.


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