An Extra Marital Affair

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When you know that,  there is something wrong in your marriage, it is an affair,  you least expected.  The first thing to do when,  you  are faced with this kind of problem,  is to get to the root of it,  as soon as possible.

Understand, why it happened,  this can be done, by talking to each other.  Time is needed, in the midst of an emotional crisis, you will be confused,  and,  won’t make sense if you rush the problem.  don’t,  approach or say things that you may regret.

Some people go into a revenge mode after finding out their partners have deceived them, , this happens when the person is in anger, or shock.  This can’t be helpful to you, so take a step back, and and try to let it pass.  Think about it carefully.

Speak to someone, a friend or a close family,  think positive,  and,  get  some  perspective, on the problem.

A good friend will prompt you to take positive action.  Be patient with yourself, and try to fix the problem,  that you think is part of your responsibility.

Problems can be solved if thought of properly.

A problem with an affair in a marriage,  is that communication,  is a problem,  when both partners fail to understand each other, the problem gets to a point that none of you want to work things out.  If there is communication,  love and understanding, then problems can be solved easily.

An extra marital affair,  can be  as a surprise to you, but, try to face up to the problem.


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