Online Dating, Does it work?

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With all the technolgy we have today, we can do whatever we want while staying home. We can do homebase job, attend concert, pay our bills, shop, netoworking, and dating and we can do these through online. With the power of internet, we can connect to everybody around the world, even our emotion which is the intagible part of our body. Online dating is nothing new to everybody most especially for someone who is busy on their job, who can’t have time to go out and meet someone. Dating online takes many risk, 1. both of the parties are seperated by miles of distance 2. You can tell any lies in your profile that would attract the viewers.3. They find you attractive in picture but they would be turn off seing you in person. 4. Other guys are just there on that dating site for sex. 

Its hard to find if who is telling the truth about their profile, if who is sincere and honest enough of finding real love. You would find someone who is interested in you if they ask personal question, ask about your family, not boring to talk to and someone who don’t let you carry the conversation. For guys be careful if the girl would tell you im poor and my mother is in the hospital and i dont have money to pay her bills. Well, i know what her intention is. Find someone who has decent job, smart and have the sincerity of finding true love. Invest the time to get to know the girl or guy your looking for. Online dating may not work for others but i know some work for them who have happy ending.


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