Tips to get children reading

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It can be difficult in today’s world with so many distractions to get children reading.  Reading is one of life’s rich pleasures but, as every parent knows, getting children reading at the start can be a long battle. 

Today’s classrooms are filled with activities and strategies to develop children’s reading, but what’s the bets way to continue this development at home? 

Here are some basic tips that you can follow to get your children reading.

Let them choose the books
This might sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many parents will buy books and expect to see their children reading them straight away.  Instead of doing this, take your children to the library.  Spend an enjoyable afternoon browsing through the children’s section and let your child pick what books they would like to read.  If possible, get a range of books both factual and fictional.

Share the reading

Don’t expect your child to do intense reading immediately.  Take it in turns to read the chapters, show them that it’s fun to read.  If they are stuck on a part, read it for them, all the while continually encouraging and supporting your children reading.

Discuss the book
Ask questions about the characters and story line.  If your children are reading an information book, quiz them on what they have learnt.  Encouraging a lively conversation about the books shows your child that reading is engaging and interesting and they’ll follow your lead.

Reward the reading

As your children’s reading develops, reward them with more reading.  Buy them the next book in the series that they are reading, or let your child shop for the next book online.

Let your children see you reading
Your children need to see you reading to appreciate how important it is.  Even if you only read the newspaper in the morning or a magazine, let you children see you read and this will encourage them to read more.


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