10 Adsense tips

Things You Have to Know Before We Start.
Before anyone can begin to understand the basics of increasing their earnings
with Adsense, they must have a certain level of background knowledge.
Before we begin, make sure that you know how to do the following, and that you
aren’t fooled into buying this information from anyone touting it as a “secret” to
While the following fundamentals are key to success, they are not big secrets, so
don’t be fooled into paying for them. Do, however, take time to learn and
implement them if you haven’t already.
• Using large rectangle blocks for Adsense ads, borders, and outlines that
are the same (or similar) color as your web page will avoid having your ad
“stand out”. In addition, sticking with the color blue is ALWAYS the best
bet, as internet surfers are accustomed to clicking on blue-colored links.

Tip #1: Forget About Perfect Markets.
Looking for a “hot market” and then trying to get in on the action just makes
sense, right? Wrong.
While some online markets are definitely more profitable than others, the key to
success with AdSense is not through picking one high-quality market and sticking
with it – it’s about quantity.
Put simply, the more you diversify your online interests, the more money you are
bound to make.
Does this mean that you shouldn’t take time to do market research by checking
Overture’s search numbers, click costs, search engine competition, and affiliate
No. Those are fundamental tools that you simply must use and master.
But understand that not all markets are as easy to conquer as others, and there
is honestly no rhyme, no reason, and no market research that can determine
which ones you’ll have success with.
For example, one day you may be able to reach the top-ten in a super
competitive market, and the next day you may find yourself barely entering
Google’s ratings. Even wide-open, non-competitive markets may be difficult to
get a foothold in (rankings wise), making predicting success is difficult if not
That’s why it’s important for you to work in as many different markets as possible,
instead of analyzing which one or two might work best for you.
Chances are, if you test out ten markets, at least two or three will be profitable.
Do this every week, and odds are that you’ll be making quite a profit in no time.

• You don’t have to write your own original content – Stop worry about
duplicate content, done right you can use other people content, rank high
in search engines and they will thank you for this

• The more sites you have, the BETTER. Utilizing Adsense on only one
website is fine, but isn’t likely to garner much attention—or profit—unless
you have an enormous amount of traffic. Put simply, the more sites you
maintain, the better chances you have of realizing your financial goals.
Will these tips help you maximize your profitability through Adsense?
Absolutely! Are they secrets? Absolutely not!
Remember, these are FUNDAMENTALS, not insider tips. Learning them will
help you get started, but they will not separate you from the crowd, so don’t
spend your hard earned dollars just to have someone regurgitate the same
information that your average webmaster already knows.

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