Why should you buy a Canon Powershot G6?

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With a plethora of digital cameras on the market, it can be difficult to decide on a camera.  However, the Canon Powershot G6 is an excellent tool for amateur or professional photographers.  Here’s why:

Rotating Viewfinder

The digital preview screen on the back of the camera flips out and you can rotate it 360 degrees.  This makes taking those awkward but fun shots possible.

Customized Settings

The camera allows you to customize two settings.  If you are a more professional users, two options is plenty and saves you from the hassle of redoing your typical setup.

Balance between Automation and Manual

Much of the work is done for you in terms of focus, lighting, etc.  You can literally “point and shoot”, as they say.  However, it is possible to do a significant amount of manipulation and changes to the camera settings before taking the picture.  

Excellent battery life

The Powershot G6 battery life is extensive, even with frequent camera usage.

Video Support as well

Videos can be shot with the G6 with a simple flip of a switch.  When downloaded these appear directly on your computer as .AVI files.

Compact Size

The G6 offers the features and functionality of a large digital SLR but in a compact size.

Supports Advanced Features

The camera base itself allows additional lenses and flash technology to be used with the camera. 

Canon is a name-brand manufacturer of digital cameras, and the G6 is one in a long sequence of absolutely amazing products.  The Powershot series offers a “one size fits all” approach to digital cameras, and Canon has pulled it off flawlessly.  One will find little left to be desired in this compact digital camera.


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