Weight Loss Secrets

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Of all the exercise programs that you can take up in order to lose weight, nothing comes close to walking, in term of its simplicity and effectiveness. Of course, there are some other exercises that can burn calories in a shorter period of time but most of these exercises involve high impact activities and they usually resulted in higher rates of injury. Walking wins out as the only exercise that will allow you to consistently burns calories over the long term.

In fact, you can consider walking as the world’s most perfect exercise. Here are the reasons:

-Convenient and Requires Minimal Expense
Walking is a work out that you can do whenever and wherever it is convenient for you to do so- in the early morning or late in the evening; around your home or in a new city. All you need is a good pair of walking or running shoes and you are off. There is no need to depend on the gym’s schedule or pay for the gym subscriptions.

-Efficient Calorie Burn
Do you know that you burn the same amount of calories for every mile that you walk or run. Given a choice, I am sure many would prefer walking to running.

-Less Injury
Also, walking has a lower risk of injury compared to running. Every step you take, running places forces of 6 to 12 times your weight on your body while walking places only your body weight on your body. Which exercise then do you think will take you for the long haul? Obviously, it is walking. With less chances of getting injured, you will be more likely to maintain your exercise program for the long term.

-Cutting Down Risks of Diseases
Walking for 30-60 minutes, even at a moderate pace, burns stored fat and can build muscle to speed up your metabolism. Walking an hour a day is also found to be able to cut your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke by 30%-40%.

Final Notes About Walking
Multiplying your weight by the distance traveled gives you the amount of energy used for walking. Do realize that in walking, time and speed does not matter. What matters is the distance covered.

To lose weight, you need to consistently burn more calories than you take in and be able to keep at it. That is why I am convinced that walking is the easiest weight loss strategy that really works.

For those looking for a fast way to lose weight, there is no such thing as losing weight fast. Like all things, losing weight requires effort. However, there is a product, an effective supplement, that’s gaining international popularity worldwide. Just do a search on Google and look for Green Tea Purity or you can read more here: Weight Loss Secrets.

All in all, I believe peserverance and determination is the ultimate key to losing weight.

Good luck!


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