Bachelorette 5 spoilers: Kiptyn Gay, Wes gets the boot, Ed will leave on his own and come back as the winner of Bachelorette 5

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              On this weeks episode June 15th of the Bachelorette things are really going to heat up and get confusing for the viewers. With Jillian not really knowing who has a girlfriend, who got paid to be on the show, or who is it in it just for her Jillian will throw in a lot of loops this week. There has been a lot of talk that one of the guys on the bachelorette is actually gay, one guy is a single dad, and one guy who is a total fake just to get noticed. Does Jillian really see this? Or is Jillian playing along to make all the viewers think more? Many people feel Jillian will pick Reid, Kiptyn, or Wes, but hold on viewers, Jillian will not pick either of these men to be the winner of the Bachelorette. Who is the winner of the Bachelorette 5?

            This is what I see happening on the Bachelorette 5 with Jillian. Kiptyn is going to be revealed to the viewers as being gay after Jillian started to have strong feelings for him, Ed will make an announcement that he has to leave the show, because of certain problems at home, and Wes will be revealed as having a girlfriend at home and Jillian will give him the boot. While Jillian is pretending to be hurt she is making us all think the winner of the bachelorette now will be Reid. In the next few episodes of the Bachelorette there will be some hot steamy scenes with Jillian and Reid until Ed makes a surprising come back

          As Chris would say the most dramatic twist on the bachelorette. Jillian and Ed have a very strong connection and he will be the winner of the Bachelorette in the end in July.


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