How to Support People

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Supporting people through difficult times in their life, requires effort, action, and dedication. Your loved one may be going through an emotional or physical hardship where you can not simply give them an easy solution. Here are some way to help support people in your life.

Be positive when things do not look good from your perspective. Speaking negatively about a situation is not helping. Look for the positive points and remind your loved one of the good in their lives. Encourage them to search for their answers through Christ, mediation, and prayer. You must accept the fact that you may be in a good place in your life, but that does not mean that you have all of the answers.

Offer your support by action. If your loved on is sick and can not get around well, but refuses help meet them in the middle. Bring by meals, stop in while you are on your way someone where else, just to say hello for a few minutes. Come over and simply do things that they are having trouble doing. Go to the bathroom, and clean it. Put their dishes in the dishwasher. Pick up a few items for them at the grocery store.

Be proactive about helping. If your loved one does not have transportation, do what you can. Perhaps you can purchase them a bus pass. Why not give them a visa gift card for emergency cab fare. Pick them up on the way to do your grocery shopping.

Being supportive is not trying to solve everyone’s problems. If you do have tools, listen to your loved one first. Appreciate them. Let them know that you care and will support them in any way that you can. When opportunities arise that may help them, you can then mention it. They may be more apt to listen to your advice or suggestions, when they feel loved and respected as your friend first.


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