In Defense of David Letterman

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Let me begin by saying that I am not a fan of David Letterman’s. I like many others thought his joke about Sarah Palin’s 18 year old daughter was not funny and in poor taste. However, it was clear to me the joke was about her 18 year old daughter and not the younger one as Palin keeps insisting.

So I keep asking myself, why does Ms. Palin keep insisting this joke is about her youngest daughter?

The only conclusion I can come to is not a happy one. Ms. Palin during her run for Vice President obviously became a media addict. Addicts, as everyone knows will do anything to get a fix. The anything in this case seems to be using her own daughter to gain media attention. Attention that would have been considerably less, had the Governor admitted the remark had been made about her adult daughter.

Unfortunately, I feel this sends a very poor message on to her daughters. The older one, is silently being told by her mother, that since she is now an adult, it does not matter what is said about her. That jokes regarding her actions and reputation are fair game for the comedians and media in general.

While at the same time her younger daughter is being sent the message, that her mother will use her to gain attention for herself.

If Letterman’s actions were reprehensible what does that make Palin’s actions?

Ironically, her bid to gain attention for herself, has helped increase David Letterman’s ratings. Making the only humorous thing about this situation being that the comedian may well be the one to get the last laugh.


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