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Free Museums

Most of London’s museums are free to the public.  They may have a unique or one-off exhibition that costs extra, but otherwise the main collections are free in the following museums:

–      British Museum

–      Tate Modern / Tate Britain

–      Museum of London

–      V & A Museum

–      Science Museum

–      National Maritime Museum

–      National History Museum

–      Imperial War Museum

–      Museum of Childhood

–      Royal Air Force Museum

–      National Gallery

–      National Portrait Gallery

 That’s a lot of free stuff!  Each museum has separate opening days and times, so it is best to check with the tourist bureau or the museum itself before setting out for the day.


London has some wonderful greenspace, but most visitors don’t think of London as an outdoor city.  The city’s parks can be wonderful places, even in inclement weather, to have a stroll or relax.  A favorite is Hyde Park, with its expansive pond and memorial to Princess Diana.

The Thames Path

Nothing can be better than walking alongside the Thames river, running through the heart of London, and enjoying the amazing views of stunning architecture that span both sides of the water.  And the bridges – amazing!  Be sure to walk across Tower Bridge and admire its majestic beauty.


The markets are free to explore and visit and these places are full of history, ambience, and good atmosphere.    Covent Garden is the most popular, but do not forget about Camden Market and Borough Market.

Be sure to buy an Oyster card to use on the London Underground – you’ll save nearly £3 on every return trip!  All destinations in London are easily accessible by the Underground (“tube”).


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