Ten Best Horseback Rides in the World

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How many of us still do the traveling on a horse back these days? A very few do and this list will show you what you are missing. The locations listed below are the top best places for horseback riding.

Valle De Bravo, Mexico

The ride circles the beautiful lake of Valle de Bravo, The route takes one high into the surrounding mountains, through a magnificent forest of Montezuma pines, with spectacular views of the azure lake far below. Guests stay in a lovely villa with charming hosts. The horses and tack compare well with the best European rides.

Masai Mara, Kenya

For sheer excitement and adventure, this ride through the Masai Mara in Kenya wins hands down. Flat-out gallops on excellent polo ponies, alongside zebras and wildebeests, past elephants, giraffes, lions, and dozens of other animals is a thrilling experience that one could never get from inside a Land Rover.

Loire Valley, France

To me, the great castles of the Loire Valley are among the finest legacies history has left us. Chenonceau, Cheverny, and Chaumont are outstanding examples of the tremendous flowering of French culture of the period. The history is brought alive by staying each night in real castles still in private hands and riding into courtyards over drawbridges like knights of old.

Tuscany, Italy

A ride that we can run through this stunning part of Italy is a happy combination of idyllic Tuscan landscape seen from the backs of fine horses and a chance to study some of the world’s greatest art treasures in Florence and Siena. The renovated castle where guests stay keeps the ancient charm while providing modern comfort.

Quebec, Canada

We often forget that Quebec is something of a foreign country within Canada itself, with a different language and culture that is basically French. The Inn to Inn Ride on the Gaspe Peninsula on the Gulf of St. Lawrence passed through magnificent forests, skirts the seashore, and overnights in a string of inns. The fall foliage season with the blazing maples is one of nature’s wonders.

Jerez and Seville, Spain

Visiting a riding center near Seville in Andalusia combines excellent riding with fascinating introductions to the rich culture of this area of Southern Spain.

Guests on this trip enjoy performances of some of the best flamenco dancers and visit the breathtaking show at the Royal Riding School in Jerez, which is such a tribute to the beauty and athleticism of the horse.

Rajasthan, India

The palace-to-palace ride in Rajasthan on fine Marwari endurance horses is considered an exotic tour. The palaces themselves are impressive architectural gems. The good and service are exquisite.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Of all rides, the one through Cappadocia wins the prize for richest in history: Greek, Roman, early Christian, and Ottoman. The horses perform extremely well, taking riders over fascinating terrain and through interesting villages.

The Andes, Peru

The ride from the sacred valley of the Incas, from Cuzco to Machu Picchu is a haunting, spiritual experience. The setting is very dramatic with the sheer cliffs and lush valleys of the Andes.

Estancia, Argentina

The horse still plays a vital role in Argentine country life; the nation has one of the world’s equestrian traditions. The self sufficient Estancia Huechahue at the foothills of the Andes enables guests to see how gauchos actually live and to ride with them, providing an unusual chance to understand this powerful culture. The ranch is a base for pack trips high into the Andes.


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