Finance: how to save money each day

Do we need to learn how to save? I think that most of us have a problem with saving. I used to never save. When I was younger, I had a lot of money but I never save. I look back and realized that I could have at least ten thousand dollars save up if I didn’t spend it on weird things. I realized that when I was young, I didn’t really know how to save and the art of saving is nowhere in my mind. I only thought about weekend parties and where to go out with friends. I never thought about saving for the future. The concept didn’t come to mind. I guess I was too young.

This is why you should teach your kids the lovely art of saving. Saving will help us for a rainy day. I realized this when I started getting old and I needed money for other things in life.


A budget will definitely help you save money. It’ll help you stick to your limit. You can take out a journal and dedicate it to budgeting only. You should write down your limits and stick to them. You can review your plan each month to see if you have made any improvement.

Cut out the good stuff

Alcohol, cigarettes are good but they’re costly. You can multiply $10 a bottle of wine to 10 and you get $100 spent on alcohol alone for each month. It could be more than that. You can spend $20 on beers and if you buy it every week, then you end up with at least another $100 on beers each month.

No more shopping

You should stop shopping if you have items that you haven’t even touch in your closet. I know that this is the deal with everyone. They have so much stuff hang in their closet and they still go shopping for some more expensive stuff. How would you save this way?

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