Sambucol fights bird flu in the lab

With these developments increase in the endemic diseases and medical problems have also been in rise. One such disease is the bird flu or the Avian influenza which is caused due to the influenza virus A. There are several types of the influenza virus. A particular strain which is highly pathogenic and responsible for this is disease is the H5N1 virus. The first case of bird flu was noted in the year 1997 in Hong Kong. After the outbreak in Hong Kong, it later spread to many other countries in the world including India and Africa.

Bird flu is an emerging pandemic disease which infects birds, chickens and poultry which may rarely spread to humans. Humans may get infected to Bird flu when they come in contact with the animals infected by the disease. It is a very contagious disease and may spread from human to human very easily. Bird flu may even become fatal or lead to a death of the person. Hence it is better to take necessary precautions before the disease becomes severe.

But till now a proper vaccine to prevent this disease has not yet been developed in the world. Hence there were keen research and experimentation to find the best treatment for the disease. Sambucol is one such product which fights against bird flu and provides resistance against the disease. They have been scientifically tested and were proved to produce better effects. The have anti oxidant property which helps in the treatment of Bird flu. The role of anti oxidants is to support the immune system and destroy the harmful effects of the virus .They provide natural health benefits to people who are affected with the Bird flu.

There are several drugs being introduced in the market day to day for the treatment of bird flu. But only a few are successful as the virus develops a resistance to many of the drugs. Sambucol is an extract of black elderberry which is used in the treatment of bird flu. They are simple but very effective compared to other products. They contain all natural ingredients and have a pleasant taste. They have a long term effect on the virulent strains of the influenza virus. Sambucol can be used as lozenges which are easy to consume. They have been proved to be 99% effective against the virus strain.

They made the virus ineffective when they were administrated and provide the relief for the disease. The virus was cultivated in the lab and cultures. They were ineffective upon administration of Sambucol. They neutralized the virus in the lab The best solution for Bird flu is to prevent it in advance by taking necessary precautions. People who consume poultry products must make sure they are clean and hygienic. Heating the poultry to normal temperature before cooking will destroy the virus in it. Do not consume the poultry raw as it may spread the infection. But however several people may have resistance to such infections.

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