Chicken Grease Destiny

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Chicken Grease Destiny

What was it that convinced the beetle with the long antennae to come to my house?

Was it the magnificent magnetism and majesty of the moon’s red blouse?

Did she tell him that if he came to my back porch that he could eat to his heart’s delight?

I think she did because he landed on a lawn chair outside my door under the light.

I observed him and even recorded his movement on my cell phone as proof of his existence.

Crawling about on the chair, the movement of his repulsive antennae proved to be relentless.

I picked him up carefully and brought him in my house where my cats dwell.

The poor insect had no idea it was inside of a feline hell.

My orange tabby cat Sunny was mesmerized by the big beetle’s design.

It definitely had the marks of something infinite, something divine.

The terrified bug tried to fly up in the air but Sunny knocked him to the ground.

He tried again and succeeded then flew into a pan of poultry fat and drowned.

The real point of this long and drawn out rhyme is that the beetle found cholesterol rest.

The new moon had lied to him and his chicken grease destiny had become manifest.

This is my first real post on Bukisa 🙂  You will see more poems from me soon.  I just really need to work on getting at least two hundred and fifty words for each poem that I write from now on.  It’s going to be tough but it is definitely not impossible!


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