What pet best suits you?

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When we want to adopt a pet, we should firstly ensure that we are not allergic to fur or other things related to our desired pet. This reminder is very important as there are people who allergic to cat or dog fur.

Here are the examples of pets with their characteristic:


Dog is one of the most common pet which are adopted by most of the household around the world. This is because dogs are loyal to their owner. Dogs are also energetic and they could easily learn new tricks which will impress you, the owner. On top of that, dogs have a good sense of hearing and smelling. They can also be used to guard our home as some of them are fierce enough to fight against strangers.

The examples of type of dogs which is adopted by most people are Chihuahua, Dalmatian, Golden retriever, Labrador retriever and Greyhound dog.


Cats are fury animal which are also a common pet adopted by the people around the world.  Similar to dog, cat can also learn various tricks which can impress you. Cat are also the predator for many pest such as rats, snake and scorpion.

The examples of cat breed are Maine Coon, Ocicat, American Bobtail, Chartreux and Persians.


Fish is another common pet for human. Since fish are reared in an aquarium, therefore they are easy to be taken care. On top of that, the foods they eat are much cheaper as they eat less compared to dog or cats.

Gold fish and fighting fish are the example.


Rabbit is a pet which eat vegetable such as carrot. They are cute but they can’t perform tricks like dog or cat.

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