I am mad after her!

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She is stunningly beautiful,

She is mesmerizing,

She is so colorful,

She is short, others even comment upon her as

She is a dwarf, but I don’ mind,

I am mad after her

For I have paid a heavy price for her,

I cherish her softness,

I adore her fragrance,

I like her freshness,

I will not forsake her

Because she is my darling,

I am her dude,

I even engage in duels

With my family members

For the cause of her,

She cannot speak,

She cannot walk

Still I am mad after her,

I am ready to pay any price,

For her smile,

That she radiates through her petals,

She is the heroine of our garden,

What others call her as rose,

But to me,

She is my angel!


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