How to Add Flavor to Your Deviled Eggs

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Begin by cooking your eggs. You need to boil at least one dozen eggs which will net you twenty-four deviled eggs. Remember to boil your eggs for at least fifteen minutes. It is best if you check one of the eggs before taking the whole pot of eggs off of the stove.

After you peel your eggs you want to slice them down the middle length wise. Empty the yolks in to a bowl and set the whites on a fancy tray.

Now you get to the fun part: adding the flavor. Start by adding your mayo in to the bowl of yolks. Use a mixer to get all of the lumps out of the mixture. Now spoon in a few tablespoons of relish. Then sprinkle in some garlic powder and some mustard powder. If you don’t have any mustard powder, you can use liquid mustard. Don’t use the mixer to combine these last ingredients. The chunks of relish provide a lot of flavor for the deviled eggs. Just mix the ingredients by hand.

Spoon your mixture in to the egg whites. You may have a little bit of yolk mixture left over when you are done. For decoration you should sprinkle some paprika over the top of the deviled eggs. Cover your tray of deviled eggs and place them in the refrigerator. They taste better when they are served cold.

Remove the wrapping and serve immediately.

Other options:

Grade some onions so that there are no large chunks and add a small amount to the deviled eggs. Onions are very flavorful and can spice you your deviled eggs all by themselves.

Choose a spicy relish for a little zip.


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