Instant Money to Your Adsense Account – A Secret That Adsense Gurus Don’t Want You to Know

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Some adsense gurus claim to be making $$$ with adsense every day, how the hell can they make that much when some of us can only earn a little penny with adsense? Are their claims all true? Maybe not. I’ll tell you a secret how you can too make a large amount of dollars yourself with just a click of button. Today, I ran into a new interesting website which is designed to generate simulated screen shot of Google AdSense earnings for you. It can generate a pseud screen shot of AdSense earnings showing any amount of earnings you want on it. It’s a tough thing to make any real money with AdSense for a lot of us, but there’s not any reason for what you shouldn’t claim otherwise with a Google Adsense screen shot generator.

Next time you see the sites where the owners arrogates to be earning hundreds of thousands of Adsense earnings each day with a highlighted yet simulated Adsense earnings’ screen shot. There’s no need to be envious anymore, ‘Cause you can too have a screen shot of any amount of dollars imprinted on it to back your own claim up, which you can show to your friends and family arrogating that you are an unfeigned Adsense guru yourself.

What you simply need to do to get a fake scree shot of adsense earnings is go to the site, enter an amount, and push the button. In an instant, Google AdSense Generator will automatically generate a simulated screen shot smearing the publisher ID, CTR(Click Through Rate), CPM(Cost Per Mille) and other data which you don’t want to be revealed.

Though you could generate the same screen shot with an image editor, such as Photoshop,  this is way much easier to get an artificial screen shot. Here is an artificial Google Adsense earnings’ screen shot of $500000 which I generated yesterday. It’s not true. It’s  just a simulated screen shot of Google Adsense earnings I created through the Generator. You see how you can earn a big money through Google Adsense with only a click of button now?


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