Program Development Phase

Program Development Phase

To make a program, the programmer has to undergo several phases and which will determine how and what the program he should make.

Firstly, the programmer has to undergo the analyzing phase. In this phase, the programmer has to conduct a survey to determine the problem faced by the client and know the target user.

Then, the programmer will begin the design phase. In the design phase, the programmer has to design the program and draw them out as a pseudo code, flow chart or top down design model.

Next is the coding phase. In the coding phase, the programmer will begin his work on coding the program. The coding is usually be done by several programmer as a complex program consist of many syntax.

Testing and debugging phase are the next phase. Here the program done will be tested to ensure that is error free. The usual error is the syntax error, logic error and run-time error. This phase is also called debugging because the error occurred are also known as bug.

Finally it is the documentation phase. Documentation is also including internal documentation and marketing documentation. Internal documentation is made so that the programmer can easily edit the code in the future. It also enables other programmer to know how the program is coded so that they can also improve it. Marketing documentation is done so that the customer can have a better understanding on the program. This will also enable the potential customer to compare the program with other product and expect what they could gain from the program.

In conclusion, the program development phase can be summarized as below:

Analyzing Phase to Design Phase to Coding Phase to Testing and Debugging Phase and finally to Documentation Phase.

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