Programming Language

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Programming Language

Programming language is the combination of symbols, words and codes that are used to create a program. A program is an organized instruction written with programming language to control or to execute any action or direct the computer to perform certain task.

Programming language is divided into a few categories. They are low level programming language, high level programming language, very high programming language and visual programming language. A new programming language was introduced when there is a new computer generation.

Low level Programming Language

Low level programming language consists of machine language used by first generation computer and assembly language used in second generation computer. Machine language uses binary code and each statement in it only responds to one task.

In assembly language, it uses human readable notation as the program was written using symbolic codes or mnemonics. An assembler is used to convert assembly language to machine language as computer only recognizes machine language.

High level Programming Language

Third generation programming language are high level programming language. It is a procedural language which is quite similar to English language. Invention of third generation programming language make the process of writing a complex program simpler and more complex program could be written easier. The examples of high level programming language are C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL and BASIC.

Very High level Programming Language

Fourth generation programming language are the examples of very high level programming language. It enables the uses of database and usually limited to specific application. It also uses syntax which other programming language never use. Fourth generation programming language are SQL, FOCUS and NOMAD.

Visual Programming Language

Fifth generation programming are the latest programming language and it is a visual programming language. It is also known as natural language and it enable user without knowledge on programming language to interact with computer using spoken language. The example are Prolog and Mercury.

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