Myspace Heroes free train, hints and more

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Do you play Myspace Heroes? I love the medieval feel of an rpg game. You may realize it is a fun game, and you maybe looking for a free train or cheats stop looking as they spell trouble. I will also share some tips or strategy so you can so you can overcome levels in Myspace Heroes easily.

Have you read about the false claims or cheats to grow your guild huge on the game? Guess what. Cheats do not work but you can increase that guild easily. You simply join a free train. I will include a link at the end of this article for you, and you can add other players to your guild.

You need a huge guild to get very far in the game. So look around on myspace and increase that Heroes guild. Shortly you will have the others helping you as you barrel through the levels of the game like a steam engine out of control.

The cheat codes you may have heard of are bogus. None of these work so do the missions to get the cash, and buy equipment to whack those you can.

Purchase only enough equipment you need for a mission, and complete the missions. With the money, you get from missions buy property as often as you can. You will need to hoard money in the upper levels as equipment costs multi millions of dollars.

You will need lots of money to afford the equipment for your huge guild. So purchase all the property that you can. Once you have a few million dollars coming in you will be able to afford the better equipment to toughen up your guild.

After your guild has enough equipment then you can fight them, and chances are you will win some fights.

Remember once you get enough experience points you will rise to the next level. You will receive skill points, and you have a choice where to put them, I prefer to toss them on energy.

Get the biggest guild on Myspace Heroes that you possibly can and it will help you succeed in the game a few ways. With a big guild behind you, there is no need for any cheats.

The help cheat that you type help does not work moreover, godfather points are earned by doing missions, climbing levels, or doing the offers for the products. Play the game as you want but I encourage you top play smart rather than using cheats. Pass over the offers for tree trails and so forth they will waste your real money. Of course, you can buy points with your paypal account, but that is unintelligent.

This is not a Myspace Heroes cheat! By joining the free train, you will see it does not help and it will get you banned. If you are going to play, you need all the tips you can get, so purchase property as quick as you can, and grow that gild huge.

Here is that other article I promised you, free train for myspace heroes and you will find many more players waiting for you. Add your myspace url over there too.


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