How You Can Choose the Best Kitten Food

When trying to choose the best kitten food, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.  Most of the packages are covered in bright colors and a thousand different promises and lists of ingredients, so how are you supposed to know which to choose?  The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to look beyond the fancy packaging.  Just like when reading labels for your own food, just stick to the basics and you’ll have no trouble choosing the best kitten food.

Cats are Carnivores – Cats aren’t exactly known as big salad fans.  In the wild, cats are predators, subsisting on a diet made up pretty much entirely of meat, which consists of proteins and fats.  There are very few carbohydrates in the cat’s natural diet.  So, it stands to reason when when you choose the best kitten food, it will contain primarily protein and fat, with only a very small amount of carbohydrate and filler.  This can be difficult sometimes because manufacturers have a tendency to use other names for some ingredients, such as maize for corn, to disguise what exactly is in the bag.

So I Shouldn’t Feed My Cat Dry Food? – Not necessarily, but is is difficult to find a dry cat food that keeps the nutritional requirements of the cat in mind without adding other ingredients.  Dry food is popular because it is generally less expensive and more convenient than wet varieties, but it also tends to be filled with corn, rice, flour, and other ingredients that are nowhere in the cat’s natural diet.  For simplicity’s sake, it is best to consider dry food off the menu.

Special Nutritional Requirements – Cats and kittens have two different sets of nutritional requirements that must be taken into account.  Little bodies are constantly growing and rebuilding themselves, so you will need to choose a kitten food that has an especially high protein and vitamin content to make sure that your kittens have ample building blocks for their little bodies to use to grow and develop.

Even though there are dozens, if not hundreds of varieties of food available, when you want to choose the best kitten food, just keep these guidelines in mind and you will have nothing to worry about the next time you go shopping for your furry little friends.

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