Myspace Heroes and Villians review, hints, train

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Myspace Heroes and Villains is one of the newer games to hit the home of the biggest social networking site. In this game, you can play for the good side Heroes or the bad side, which are the Villains.

In this game, you get to play both sides at once, which are mega cool, where else can you be good and bad in a game? The Villains aspect of the game is not all that bad, and the Heroes are questionable.

In Myspace Heroes and Villains, you complete missions, which are a bit different then the other apps on this largest social networking site.

The currency here is Vials and you will need to get the flow of incoming vials up here as quickly as you can. Therefore, after you complete the missions here in the game, purchase the sidekicks as fast as you can.

Sidekicks are what brings the money into your hands and affords you the opportunities to succeed in the game. Control the mayor, city council, and the journalists in the game as well as the masons to be able to afford all the other things you need to complete the missions.

If you get bored, you can fight the traitors, which anyone can put on the hit list, and earn a bounty on should you succeed in killing that character. Of course, there are the usual types of fights where you battle other players for vials (cash). In Myspace Heroes and Villains, there are a few ways to succeed.

You can purchase abilities here, which will help you perform the missions and get the vials. Each of the abilities offer some sort of attack or deference points and some offer both. Some missions will offer special abilities as a reward, which is cool. I only keep enough abilities on hand to perform the missions on the game because I want the money to purchase the sidekicks, which will bring me more vials in the end.

If your health gets too low on head to the lab, where the funky scientists will give you something to drink that will heal all of your health in one shot. That’s one of the good aspects of Myspace Heroes and Villains, your money is not spend on repeated trips to the lab, as it is done in one shot.

If you enjoy play the role of a hero or villain you will enjoy this Myspace Heroes and Villains game, take on missions that help you fulfill your characters destiny. Visit the mission page on Myspace Heroes and Villains for your next mission and make a difference in the virtual game today.

If you want, even more names to add to your game read this article and there are names near the bottom of the page of players looking to increase their alliances. Increasing your alliance is a smart move on your part.


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